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"Best Places To Advertise" shows
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Video shows how you can save Time & Money
when advertising your Biz Opp, MLM, or IM Product.

Don't leave your online business to Opinion or Guessing... BestPlacesToAdvertise.com can help you achieve MUCH better results when advertising your Biz Opp, MLM, or Internet Marketing product.

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From: Brian Barnhouse
Owner of JPB Publications
RE: Best Places To Advertise

Hi, Brian Barnhouse here...

Welcome to BestPlacesToAdvertise.com...This is a site that was started to do one thing very well: To save YOU "Time & Money" by sharing Unbiased Ad Tracking Results, which will help anyone who is promoting a MLM, Biz Opp, or Internet Marketing product!

There's no doubt, if you have ever tried to advertise a MLM or Biz opp, it can be HARD to get results...REAL HARD. This is because MOST advertising sources are NOT very good.

Many times, lack of good results online has NOTHING to do with the product...It's probably because your advertising isn't pulling it's weight. NOW, you can INSTANTLY have MANY "Good" ad sources at your fingertips.

BestPlacesToAdvertise.com is about RESULTS...not games, not hype, not opinions or guesswork. We track each ad source with at LEAST TWO different types of marketing campaigns...YOU get the actual & TRUE results of our Ad Tracking.

This site will save you MANY hours of your time, and will help you achieve better results promoting your MLM, Biz Opp, and IM Products.

I encourage you to read the rest of this website (and watch the video above, if you haven't yet), then purchase our Ad Tracking List, and start getting RESULTS!

All the best,

Brian B.

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Here's what you get:

--- 200 Ad sources, professionally tracked, with FULL results listed so you can make INFORMED decisions about your advertising.

--- All Ad Sources are Alphabetized, for easy look up.

--- Green, Yellow, and Red lights, so you can instantly identify how good an Ad Source really is, according to our professional rating.

= Good AD Source
= Still Tracking Ad Source
= Bad AD Source

#Ad Source URL(Type of Ad) - DetailsClicksConversionsOur Rating
1ABCTrafficSource.com(TE) - FREE1043
2BCDTrafficSource.com(C) - Free681
3CDETrafficSource.com(PPC) - $251270
This is just an "EXAMPLE" of the Ad Tracking List you'll get.
Inside you'll receive 200 REAL Ad Sources, with REAL results.

Here's what it will do for you:

--- Unbiased Ad Tracking Results, from a LONG-TIME professional internet marketer...With NO "Good 'Ole Boy" network involved either (which is VERY common online)!

--- Saves You TIME, by showing which FREE Ad Sources are a complete waste of your Time!

--- Saves you MONEY, by showing which PAID Ad Sources are a complete waste of your Money!

Yes, I'm Ready To get some RESULTS with my advertising!!

Count Me In Right Now, And Give Me My Special Price of Only
$9.95, with nothing more to pay, EVER!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What types of Ad Sources do you track?
A: We track: Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Traffic Brokers, Classified Ad Sites, PPC companies, PTC sites, Social Media sites, and more!

Q: Are you promoting a bunch of your referral links?
A: Absolutely NOT. We have NO GAIN, in any way, shape, or form by our Ad Tracking results. We List the good ad sources, and expose the bad ones for what they are.

Q: Are you accepting NEW AD Sources to track?
A: YES!!! If you have an Ad Source that you'd like us to track, be sure to CONTACT US.

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